Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So how well did I do last year

Below is the list of goal for 2007. Lets take a look at how much I failed to accomplish.

1. Finish Olde World Map
2. Finish Ouroborus by Dracolair
3. Finish Rose Tree in Bloom by Teresa Wentzler
4. Finish Red Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair
5. Finish Christmas Labyrinth
6. Finish Mini Mandala 1C by Chatelaine
7. Finish Wisdom from the Legends of the Dragons
8. Start and Finish other two Mini Mandalas (1a and 1b) by Chatelaine
9. Start and Finish Mystery Sampler III by Chatelaine
10. Start and Finish Japanese Octagonal Box by Chatelaine
11. At least 3 Christmas Ornies
12. At least 3 freebies- Finished one
13. Start wedding gift for best friend (married two years ago)
14. Start wedding gift for brother (married last summer)
15. Start Fantasy Sampler by Dragon Dreams
16. Start The Guardian by Teresa Wentzler
17. Start Tricky Treat Cats
18. Start and Finish Griffon Bookmark by Dracolair

Well, I guess 3.33 out of 18 isn't too bad. Hehehehe.......

I have gone over how fickle I am with projects. So below is what I finished last year.

1. I love birds by Brittercup started and finished March 2007
2. Assisi Dragon Scissor Fob- Finished June 28, 2007
3. Chirstmas Labyrinth- Started April 7, 2007 Finished July 17, 2007
4. Emerald Orchid Bee by Dimples Designs- started July 20, 2007 Finished July 23, 2007
5. Ouroborus by Dracolair- WIP started June 27, 2006 Finished July 28, 2007
6. Mystery Dinky Dyes Contest Piece August 2007
7. Chatelaine Mystery Sampler III- WIP started Jan. 4, 2007 Finished Sept. 4, 2007
8. Sun Dragon by TW- started Oct 1. 2007 Finished Oct. 16, 2007 9. "wheat" posted on My Aunt's Attic - started and completed Dec. 21, 2007