Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Musings concerning Elan lapstands and stitching time

I apologize for not updating my blog recently. See stitching time has been at a premium. Two weekends ago I had a houseful of people and last weekend I had to visit my in-laws. It is hard to stitch when one has a gaggle of gamers over for the weekend and everything is in chaos. We lost the TV remote during that time period and it has remained elusive. Then during the week I had to move offices (again). So I had to pack up all my books and papers. We also had to move bookcases and desks. I am finally settled in again and will keep this office until I graduate. I can't complain about my new digs. I have a window and it over looks trees. Normally graduate students don't get the window office space. Also, I get to paint my new office. Yippeee. It shall soon be a light relaxing purple. Also, my office mate is moving out and I will be alone. In addition my job title has been change. I am now an editorial assistant in additon to be a graduate assistant. This reflects the fact that I will be editor of a book and the author of a book chapter for another book. I have lots of other stuff going on. This semester alone I will be co-authoring at least 5 papers, three of which I will be lead author on and none of these papers are for my dissertation. I really am a maschocist. I don't recommend this path for anyone. So this entire rant has been an long-winded explanation of why stitching time is at a premium and I have made very little progress. Also, blame Persian Pen Name, she got DH and I Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for our Xbox 360. That game is addictive. Thanks again PPN.
Now onto my stitching life which is what y'all actually read this blog for.
I got some new hardware for my stitching...a Elan Lap Stand. Exciting. Even more exciting is how much I paid for it... 5 Dollars!!! There is a very long explanation for why I paid so very little for it Hobby Lobby. Now I can work on large projects on scroll rods at the in-laws. So this past weekend I started Dragons by the Fire by Blackswan. I got very little done but here is the progress. I have also been neglecting my Chatelaine Mystery Sampler due to Ouroborus. I have finished half of the border for the Chatelaine. I won't post a picture until it is done because it looks just like pic I have in the previous post only with more repetitions. I have gotten bogged down with the border. I can't wait to start the next piece of the mystery. It is two swans. I love swans! They are the reason I decided to do this sampler. I am normally not a fan of samplers unless they are unusual like the ones by Dragon Dreams or the Something in Common- Woodland sampler.
Other exciting news- I am getting a "new" car. I bought my one of my dad's cars and will flying out to California to pick it. I am orginally from SoCal but now live in Texas. Luckily it concided with a stitcher's trip to San Diego. So I get to meet a stitcher that I never thought I would be able to meet and several other SoCal stitchers. I am totally excited. We are going to the SD Zoo. I love the zoo. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me there all the time. As a result when I grew up I became a Zoologist. Also, Persian Pen Name (author of Panda Bonzai blog that I have a link to) will be coming with me. We are going to have a blast!!!