Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Musings concerning Elan lapstands and stitching time

I apologize for not updating my blog recently. See stitching time has been at a premium. Two weekends ago I had a houseful of people and last weekend I had to visit my in-laws. It is hard to stitch when one has a gaggle of gamers over for the weekend and everything is in chaos. We lost the TV remote during that time period and it has remained elusive. Then during the week I had to move offices (again). So I had to pack up all my books and papers. We also had to move bookcases and desks. I am finally settled in again and will keep this office until I graduate. I can't complain about my new digs. I have a window and it over looks trees. Normally graduate students don't get the window office space. Also, I get to paint my new office. Yippeee. It shall soon be a light relaxing purple. Also, my office mate is moving out and I will be alone. In addition my job title has been change. I am now an editorial assistant in additon to be a graduate assistant. This reflects the fact that I will be editor of a book and the author of a book chapter for another book. I have lots of other stuff going on. This semester alone I will be co-authoring at least 5 papers, three of which I will be lead author on and none of these papers are for my dissertation. I really am a maschocist. I don't recommend this path for anyone. So this entire rant has been an long-winded explanation of why stitching time is at a premium and I have made very little progress. Also, blame Persian Pen Name, she got DH and I Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for our Xbox 360. That game is addictive. Thanks again PPN.
Now onto my stitching life which is what y'all actually read this blog for.
I got some new hardware for my stitching...a Elan Lap Stand. Exciting. Even more exciting is how much I paid for it... 5 Dollars!!! There is a very long explanation for why I paid so very little for it Hobby Lobby. Now I can work on large projects on scroll rods at the in-laws. So this past weekend I started Dragons by the Fire by Blackswan. I got very little done but here is the progress. I have also been neglecting my Chatelaine Mystery Sampler due to Ouroborus. I have finished half of the border for the Chatelaine. I won't post a picture until it is done because it looks just like pic I have in the previous post only with more repetitions. I have gotten bogged down with the border. I can't wait to start the next piece of the mystery. It is two swans. I love swans! They are the reason I decided to do this sampler. I am normally not a fan of samplers unless they are unusual like the ones by Dragon Dreams or the Something in Common- Woodland sampler.
Other exciting news- I am getting a "new" car. I bought my one of my dad's cars and will flying out to California to pick it. I am orginally from SoCal but now live in Texas. Luckily it concided with a stitcher's trip to San Diego. So I get to meet a stitcher that I never thought I would be able to meet and several other SoCal stitchers. I am totally excited. We are going to the SD Zoo. I love the zoo. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me there all the time. As a result when I grew up I became a Zoologist. Also, Persian Pen Name (author of Panda Bonzai blog that I have a link to) will be coming with me. We are going to have a blast!!!


Sandy said...

Whoa!!! No wonder you have been MIA......congrats on the new office, especially getting a window, very upwardly mobile!!! Oooohhhhh pale purple would be so restful, have fun painting!
Fantastic price indeed! Now you just need to find the time to work on it. Just be careful not to burn yourself out. Congrats on the car....and the zoo trip! Have fun and be safe. :)

Anonymous said...

Elan lap stand for $5? Great deal. Your stitching looks great.

Trish said...

My friend Tillie really swears by her Elan lap stand - it's a great stand and I'm planning to get one.

$5 is an awesome price!

Jackie in UK said...

I love your purple dragon, it is just *lovely*......looks as though it may have lots of back stitch and half stitches though? Have fun in your new office!

Jackie in UK

HasturTorres said...

Thanks everyone
The dragon has a ton of half stitches and backstitching but it is well worth doing for the effect.