Friday, March 02, 2007

Hastur has been sick

In the last post I mentioned how busy I was. Well this past month as been worse...not in workload...but in health. I have a chronic health problem that came to head a few weeks ago. So I got to see my doctor about having certain test done which I am able to do. She also recommends, however, that I get over an hour of exercise 6 days a week. I had been doing a half hour a day on regular basis but apparently I need to do more. So now I have to drag my exhausted carcass to the park everyday for over an hour and take the dachshund walking. He loves it of course...traitor. My specialist supports my doctors exercise position. In addition I had to spend the night in clinic. That was loads of fun. Screwed my sleep for the next week. On top of it all, I stepped on the plug of a the same time I was announcing to the dachshund that we were going for one of the WALKS. I was unable to walk on it for days because of the lovely puncture wound. In summary I have been on sick and exhausted stitcher who was occansionally in a tremendous amount of pain. So I hope this explains my absence from my Bulletin Boards and this blog.

So onto why you come here- THE STITCHING
I had set some modest goals for the month of Feb. none of which were accomplished.
1. Finish Ori the Ouroborus- Only worked on her a little bit
2. Finish border for Mystery Sampler III- Almost done. I will finish it later when I am less tramatized with the insanly larger border this was. I just need to finish the eyelets (from hell- 64 of those buggers left), metallic flosses, and beading. I don't want to finish the beading until I am done with the bottom halfs so my floss doesn't catch on them.
3. Finish part II of the Mystery Sampler. I got a quarter of the side vines finished and a single swan neck.
4. I started on Dragons of the Fire. Check out the hearth

Goals for March
1. Finish Ori
2. Finish Mystery sampler part I, II, and III with the exception of the beads
3. Work on Dragons by the Fire
4. Start and Finish Griffon book mark by Dracolair
5. Finish Mini Mandala IC
6. Finish Celtic Labyrinth

The last three are easily transported stitching projects. I am going visit my folks in So California on Friday. Yippee!!!! I get to meet some of the SD stitchers and even a Canadian one. I am totally stoked about this trip. I will also get to hang out with my best friend K of 20 years who I haven't seen for almost two years. I am giving her the L&L Autumn Angel kit. K's mom has a bunch of L&L angels all over her wall and K would like to do one for herself. K is also the person that I need to finish (well actually start) a seahorse stitching project for. The wedding gift for a wedding that was over two years ago. Go me!


Katrina said...

I hope you feel better soon! Ouch on the electrical plug, sounds painful. Wishing you a much better stitching month in March :-).

Anonymous said...

Hastur, where's that Wagon board you were showing me again?

HasturTorres said...