Monday, October 02, 2006

October Stitching Goals

October Goals:

1. Finish everything in the two circles of Olde World Map.
2. Finish border of Olde Worlde Map
3. Finish Mini Mandala Set 1 Number 3
4. Finish DD Illustrative Fantasy Blackwork
5. Creat two ornaments for my Tia and Abuela.
6. Work on negelected Dracolair's Ouroborus
7. Put the 5 remaining beads on TW Whitework Ornie and "finish" it. I had sat down to make it into an ornie and discovered I had forgotten to place 5 beads on it. Argghh. This annoyed me so much it has been sitting there for two weeks.

I wish I could post pictures of Olde World Map but I will be submitting it for a contest. It is progressing nicely but slower than I expected. I really love working on that project. It is not difficult just large at 15 by 18 inches.
I am actually working on large projects though if I devoted my time to smaller projects I could finish The Challenge in a year instead of 5 or 6 years. I love instant gratification but I must supress those urges in favor my large and time consuming projects. This way I can actually knock off some of the TWs and Dracolairs I have planned. I just keep invisioning those lovely pieces hanging on my walls. I also remember that I can't afford all the framing jobs that doing a plethora of small projects would incur. I can only budget 2-3 framing jobs a year. As a result I have stack of unframed pieces sitting in bin. I reasoned that if I switched to larger projects that the pile would stay about the same or actually get smaller since the larger projects take so long. Of course I could learn to strech and frame pieces myself but I am neurotic and would drive myself crazy in a mad quest to have everything perfect. So in the end having some one else frame my projects for me is totally worth it- since I keep what little sanity I have somewhat intact.


Medieval Needle said...

I'm about to start Old World Map - I have to order fabric but my FIL gave me the kit for my birthday!

HasturTorres said...

Olde Worlde Map is a piece that demands fabric other than the kit stuff. The fabric in in the kit is awful. It has been a easy stitch but kinda repetive.

Sandy said...

Cherylann I totally agree with you on the big projects and framing costs. I'm not nuerotic but definitely not co-ordinated enough to try a framing job either. ;) Besides, our BAP need the attention that they have been missing for so long, heck, they probably feel downright unwanted!!!

I love the sound of the Old World Map...what fabric did you choose to do yours on?

HasturTorres said...

Sorry but I am keeping my fabric choice a secret for now. I will unveil the completed project once it has been entered into the contest. feel the contest organizers should be able to see it first. I am taking WIP pics as I go along and I will post them all at once.
It is being done on an evenweave. I think linen would have been better looking but I did not want to deal with that much work on linen.

Sandy said...

You're going to make us wait????????LOL That's cold Cherylann, really cold!!! (wink)

Well, I guess your reasoning is sound and as long as we get to see all those lovely in progress pics, I'll survive! Linen can be a tough customer on a big design, I like it but it definitely has its own brand of challenges.

Barb said...

I've seen the Old World Map stitched up and it's beautiful. I am anxious to see yours. I'm with you, I do like the larger projects and my next project will be a large one. But since I stitch for charity they like smaller pieces. Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching. Your dog is adorable. What is your Phd. going to be? I have a niece who has her Phd. in chemistry.

HasturTorres said...

My Ph.D. will be in Science Education. I am interested in developing curricula that encourages scientific literacy and authentic science inqiury. I studied insect biochemistry and physiology for several years. Someday, when I have the time, I would like to create realistic insect needle art charts.