Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Finishes

Yipee. I found my camera and could finally take some pics. I finished the little Assassi Dragon Scissor Fob last month. It is over one and tiny. The Emerald Orchid Bee by Dimples Designs took several nights and inspite of its small size is farily complex piece. It is really sparkly and fuzzy. In the green portion of the head there are 14 stiches comprised of 5 metallic/DMC blends. There is one color that is used for a grand total of 1.5 stiches in the entire piece. Lots of color changes, fractionals, and blends but as usual Dimples Designs are worth it. I have at least a dozen more insects in my collection to go. Ouroborus is done. It took a year, a month, and a day to finish. Of course I have absolutely no project fidelity so I worked on lots of stuff in between. I loved working this piece and was almost sad to finish it. It was like losing an old friend. It is one of my all time favorite designs.


WhizGidget said...

Congratulations on finishing Oury! He's one that I've longed to stitch for awhile but I've had other Dracolair projects getting in the way ;)

Cyndi said...

I love that Orchid Bee. I'm off to Dimples Designs to check them out! I too am working on a design that uses one color for one stitch - it's a lighthouse/beach/sky - and there's a teeny tiny boat with a flag - and the one stitch is blended with ecru and red - the only time red is used in the whole piece. So I know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you said that you have at least a dozen more insects to do. I am wondering if you happen to have the Wee Beasties #5 Green Darner. If so would you be will to trade or sell a copy of it? please let me know. My email is