Friday, October 10, 2008

Pictures Galore

I can never get the pictures in blog to line up
right grrrr.

Explanation of Pictures: I have Princess and the Dragon before and a third of the way through the TWOctober stitch along the Wagon BB. I am really enjoying this stitch. I also posted a picture of Hastur that was taken while he was sleeping in this morning. The creature does not rise from bed until 11 am or noon if he can. I toil away on my dissertation while he lounges about. The last picture is I love Penguins by Brittercup designs. I stitched it for my DH. He luvs penguins! I am almost done with the Chatelaine Mini Mystery Mandala II. I would post pictures but it is a gift for someone.


Arthemise said...

You're making nice progress on your TW. Beautiful work!

Jo said...

P&D is looking awesome - can't wait to see it at the end of the month!!

Anonymous said...

Great progress on your TW - it's a stunner! :D