Sunday, December 21, 2008

Revisiting the List of Shame

Several years ago I created a list of goals that I intended to finish in one year. Last year I revisited the list and discovered that very few goals had been accomplished. Lets revisit the list and see what I accomplished this year. A new list of goals will be created on Jan. 1st.

1. Finish Olde World Map- hahaha
2. Finish Ouroborus by Dracolair- finished 2007
3. Finish Rose Tree in Bloom by Teresa Wentzler- another hahaha
4. Finish Red Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair
5. Finish Christmas Labyrinth- finished 2007
6. Finish Mini Mandala 1C by Chatelaine
7. Finish Wisdom from the Legends of the Dragons
8. Start and Finish other two Mini Mandalas (1a and 1b) by Chatelaine- Do two different mini mandalas count?
9. Start and Finish Mystery Sampler III by Chatelaine- finished 2007
10. Start and Finish Japanese Octagonal Box by Chatelaine
11. At least 3 Christmas Ornies
12. At least 3 freebies- Finished one (2007), Finished two in 2008
13. Start wedding gift for best friend (married two years ago)- finished
14. Start wedding gift for brother (married last summer)- finished but it became a Christmas gift
15. Start Fantasy Sampler by Dragon Dreams- Started Dec. 2008
16. Start The Guardian by Teresa Wentzler
17. Start Tricky Treat Cats
18. Start and Finish Griffon Bookmark by Dracolair

This is what I did this year
1. You are Never Too Old for a Teddy Bear by Dragon Dreams- WIP started June 2006? Finished Jan. 2008
2. The Dreaming by Dinky Dyes- WIP started Fall 2006, Finished Feb. 2008
3. Fish Tonight- Valerie Pfeiffer/Heritage Stitchcraft.- Started sometime in late 2005 or early 2006. Finished Feb. 2008-
4. Mystery Mini Mandala 1- Chatelaine- Start April 16, 2008 finished June 29, 2008
4. Needle Guardian- Teresa Wentzler- Started July 3 2008 finished July 19, 2009
5. Cockatoos Two by Britter Cup Designs- Started July 20 2008 and Finished August 2008
6. I love Penguins by Britter Cup Designs- Started and Finished August 2008
7. The Purr-fect Bookmark by Dinky Dyes- Started and Finished August 2008
8. Spyder by The Cross-Eyed Cricket- Started and Finished August 2008
9. Quaker Hedgehog by The Workbasket- Started and Finished August 2008
10. Mini Mystery Mandala II by Chatelaine- Started Sept 2008 and Finished Oct 18, 2008
11. Armadillo needlepoint- Started and Finished Oct 18, 2008
12. Dragons by the Fire- Black Swan- Started Feb. 2007 and Finished Dec. 16, 2008 - The BIG finish of the year!
13. Halloween Fairy by Mirablia- started Nov. 2007, Finished Jan. 2008

In a nutshell. While I completed 13 projects (possibly 14 or 15 depending on the stitching I can do before the end of the year), I only completed 3.66 of the goals I set. I knocked off another sixth of my goals. So 7/18 of my goals have been completed. I suck! I am totally revamping my goal list this year. It will be much more reasonable. Of course I will continue to monitor my progress of the original goal list because I am a masochist.

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Arthemise said...

There's no shame. You finished what you could.