Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow in Texas!

Due to a freaky storm we had snow in East Central Texas during the inch! I have never seen snow here. Ice once a year but not snow. It was a winter wonderland. Normally our snowmen consist of these balls of ferns that grow in the tree but not yesterday. Poor Genghis the Aloe plant. We were not expecting this weather so he was not brought in the house before the freak storm. Notice how the dachshund sinks into the snow and it touches his chest. Poor weiner dog! He had never been in snow before. However, it was nice dry fluffy snow. The sidewalks and roads were to warm for the snow and ice to stick so we had all the fun of snow without the dangers of it (at least on the ground).


Arthemise said...

Lucky! We got nothing.

Jo said...

looks like you had fun. Hope your aloe survives!