Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Stitching Goals

Yes, I am aiming high for this year but what the heck if I can finish these goals it will be quite an accomplishment. They will also add another 17 completed projects to my 50 project countdown.
1. Finish Olde World Map
2. Finish Ouroborus by Dracolair
3. Finish Rose Tree in Bloom by Teresa Wentzler
4. Finish Red Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair
5. Finish Christmas Labyrinth
6. Finish Mini Mandala 1C by Chatelaine
7. Finish Wisdom from the Legends of the Dragons
8. Start and Finish other two Mini Mandalas (1a and 1b) by Chatelaine
9. Start and Finish Mystery Sampler III by Chatelaine
10. Start and Finish Japanese Octagonal Box by Chatelaine
11. At least 3 Christmas Ornies
12. At least 3 freebies
13. Start wedding gift for best friend (married two years ago)
14. Start wedding gift for brother (married last summer)
15. Start Fantasy Sampler by Dragon Dreams
16. Start The Guardian by Teresa Wentzler
17. Start Tricky Treat Cats
18. Start and Finish Griffon Bookmark by Dracolair

I realized that I did not share my stitching accomplishments of last year.

Calico Crossroads- Calico Crossroads-Catolatern Start July, 2005 completed April 30, 2006
Calico Crossroads-Waterbreak
completed Feb 2006
Dimples Designs- Dung Beetle/Jeweled Scarab Completed March 21, 2006
Dragon Dreams- Blackwork Dragon- Started May 20, 2006, Finished May 29, 2006
Dragon Dreams- Compass Rose started March 22 completed April 1, 2006
Dragon Dreams- Here Be Dragons Started April 1, 2006 completed April 30, 2006
Dragon Dreams- Just a little piece and quiet- Started May 7, 2006 Finished June 20, 2006

Dragon Dreams- Lost Dragon Sampler completed March 16, 2006
Dragon Dreams- Love Takes Two freebie- started and completed June 7, 2006
Dragon Dreams- No Late Knight Snacking Completed Jan 2006
Dragon Dreams- Proof - Started May 6, 2006 Completed May 10, 2006
random Ornament July 2006
Sue Hillis Designs- Gobble Till You Wobble- Started June 24, 2006 Completed July 10, 2006
Something in Commen- Woodland Sampler- Started August 12, 2006 completed August 24, 2006

50 Completed Project Countdown
50.Teresa Wentzler- Beginner Whitework Ornament- Completed Sept. 3 2006
49. Britty Kitty Christmas Finished Sept 8, 2006
48. Portrait of a Dog Finished Sept 8, 2006
47. Dragon Dreams- Not a creature was stirring- July 25, 2006 Finished Sept. 15, 2006
46. French Cow- Blackwork- freebie Started and finished Sept 22, 2006
45. A subversive cross stitch design- Oct 2006
44. Noel- Freebie by Glory Bee- Started and Finished Oct 2006
43. Christmas Hearts- Started and Finished Oct 2006
42. Dragon Dreams- Illustrative Blackwork Fantasy- Started and Finished Oct. 2006
41. Majesty from Legends of the Dragons Started and Finished Dec. 2006


Anonymous said...

That is ambitious! Good luck!

Sandy said...

WOW, you did amazing on your finishes for 2006, I am impressed!!!

You've got gorgeous pieces to work on this New Year....look forward to seeing them come to life. I have no doubt you will make a huge dent in this, I have faith in you!!!

Meari said...

Congrats on your project challenge finishes. I've done 9 out 10. One more to go. Yay!