Monday, January 08, 2007

Lots of WIP and Hastur Pics

Normally due to school and family I don't have time to do as much cross stitch as I would like and thus have very little to show you. Hence the photos of the Real Hastur. Today, however, I have lots of pictures. Thank goodness for the holidays. I got a chance to work on Rose Tree in Bloom while I was at my friends ranch outside of San Antonio. I was housebound the whole trip while my DH and others shot each other with airsoft and hung out by the campfire. I had fallen and strained my back, in addition I had stubbed my right toe on a door frame and cracked the toenail in several places. If it wasn't for stitching I would have gone insane.
Speaking of insanity -Rose Tree in Bloom is my nemisis. I am sure we all have that one WIP that we love but can not seem to work on for very long. After a few hours of working on it I want to go homicidal. I think it is dealing with four strands of floss and the stiff adia fabric, plus it is a Teresa Wentzler so it is not an easy piece to stitch.
I also have an update of Ori the Ouroborus. I love working on her and had to force myself to put her down after two days so I could start the Chatelaine Mystery Sampler III. I have a picture of the border posted after about 2 hours of work. I should be updating that piece a couple times a month. I also have the pictures of Hastur for your amusment. Kudos to anyone who can figure out what he is wearing- Doggie sweater/vest is incorrect.


tweezle said...

Could it be a knitted clog before felting? :D

jymisgurl said...

Maybe a knitted baby bib?

Anonymous said...

It's a Dog in a Clog on a Blog!

Sandy said...

Oh that Rose Tree is going to be absolutely stunning!!! I can see why it can be a challenge....but you are doing beautifully on it.

No idea what Hastur is wearing...looks like a doggy coat but that is really just a guess.

Pennie said...

Rose Tree is really beautiful, too bad it's so frustrating to stitch.

I think we need to introduce your Hastur to my Lily (aka Peanut)...she's a red dapple mini-dachshund. I think it would be love at first site for both of them. =)