Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Hastur...your love is so fickle"

"Hastur...your love is so fickle" was said one evening when I had a group of my table top roleplaying game friends over. The real HasturTorres is a very gregarious little dachshund. He loves people, other dogs, and will cozy up next to a plate of food in a heartbeat. When alone the little pup is a stalker. He sits on my feet under my desk when I work on the computer. Curls up next to me on couch or begs at my feet during dinner. This changes when guests arrive. The newer the person the better to him. He ignores his momma and dadda and goes straight for the guests. If he knows the vistors equally well he makes his rounds to each one of them (ignoring his parents) thus the line "Hastur...your love is so fickle"
This line is also applicable to me and cross stitch. See if I have a new project I go bonkers...must work on new project. Soon the newness wears off. I have lots of other WIPs. So like the real Hastur I make my rounds with them. My love is so fickle. Sometimes I find it hard to stick with a project for more than a night. So I have to switch. As soon as I stitch I want to work on that project again. That would be fine if I had the attitude for just one project but no....I have it for 9. Thus nothing is getting done. I should have finished Ori the Ouroborus last month but no I just had to be fickle.
Last night I worked on kitting up a new project instead of on existing ones. You see I got the Winter Pack from Jo at Dinky Dyes. It is gorgeous. The handdyed fabric is amazing and the silks/cottons are the usual wonderfulness that is Dinky Dyes floss. So I go through my exisiting stash trying to find a chart that would work. I have the Dreaming which was a gift from one of the members of the Wagon but unfortunetly I only have one skien of each limited ediition floss and it takes two skiens of the same color. So I tried lots of different ideas including looking at the freebies at Ink Circles. I finally pulled out two skiens of variagated purple floss from the DMC color collection box and some purple evenweave. I was hoping to use some silks but the DMC worked better. Of course I could order some more silks from Jo but I am on the Wagon so I can not feed my Dinky Dyes addiction. Soon I shall start the Dreaming but only until after I finish Ori and one other small project. Must keep my WIPs below 10! Must not give into temptation. Will not give in...will not give in...will not....

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