Saturday, April 14, 2007

SBQ about Blogs

This is from the SBQ April 5: How do you decide which stitching blogs are worth repeat and/or regular viewings? Are there certain things you look for in particular? Are there things you wish there were more of? Less of? Is your blog a good example of what you like to read?

I like blogs that have lots of pictures, talk primarily about the subject I am interested in, and can make me laugh. I like stitching blogs to contain stuff about stitching. I am not so interested in the day to day personal things. If the person has been ill or having a hard time, that is good to know, especially if they are an online buddy. But I really don't want to know that you were out of lemon zest yesterday or your Lucky Charms cereal didn't have any marshmallows. On bulletin boards, I typically like to avoid religious or political discussions (what I would have to say would probably piss off 95% of the readers). Blogs, I am a bit more flexible towards. Blots are some one's personal space that I go to read. So if they want to cuss or talk about about something it is their choice. If it annoys me too much then I just won't go back . I can put up with annoying personal stuff if people post lots of pictures, especially stitching designs that I like. I also enjoy when people talk about technique, floss usage or the pitfalls of a design. If someone is on The Challenge I try to visit their blog on a regular basis to keep track of their progress and offer words of encouragement. If someone leaves a comment on my blog I try to look at their blog the same day.
I do visit stitchers' blogs that don't have a lot to do with stitching. If the blog is amusing or informative, I will continue to go back to it on a regular basis. I love things that make me laugh.
I try to limit personal stuff on my own blog unless it effects my stitching. Being ill effects my stitching. Going to California effects my stitching. But I try to limit these discussions. My blog is primarily stitching and I try to include pictures as much as possible.

With this said, I am off to New Orleans for a conference! Be back in 5 days.

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Arthemise said...

I'm the same way, but don't tell anyone! When I write about nonstitching stuff, I try to at least label it so people can skip it if they want to.