Sunday, September 24, 2006

50 Project Challenge Musings and Camera Grumblings

I have finished one-tenth of the challenge. I finished stitching Blackwork French Cow. I would post it but I need batteries for my camera. Argggh. I was just at the store earlier today. Argghh. I am also working on Chatelaine's Mini Mandala set 1 number 3. It is turning quite nicely. The colors are much more cheerful than the picture's depiction. It is also really simple. The geometric design is quite soothing to stitch and I enjoy the repetition of the pattern. I can memorize each element so I don't have to waste time staring at the chart.

I am also surprise with the ferver that my project challenge has caused. I enjoy seeing it pop up in random cross stitching blogs. I did not realize how quickly and wide this challenge would spread. I am overjoyed to have so many others joining me. The sad thing is that I have acquired 6 new charts since starting this challenge. All of them have been within the rules and thus I haven't fallen off this wagon. But still 6 new charts. :) Speaking of wagons. This challenge is posted on the Wagon BB and I also have my own forum (thanks to Dani) on the Needle and Thread BB. I am so excited to be a moderator. So thanks again for joining me on this quest to reduce pattern stash and the best of luck to you all. I promise to have some pictures up in the next several days.


Mia said...

Cherylann, don't sweat the 6 charts. After this weekend, I will have more and it is one of my exemptions...CATS!!! Thank you so much for doing this challenge and I love the response as I read about it on other blogs. I don't feel so alone and love the motivation and inspiration I am feeling from everyone doing this. I will be right along with you the 5-6 years this may take. :) I will have fun every stitch of the way with like minded stitchers who are considered friends. :) Watch my blog next week. I have a feeling my list will grow to 25. I found some more kitted up ready to stitch stuff.

Azzie said...

Just thought I'd let you know. Your challenge is spreading like wildfire through the x stitch group I am in. (i-love-cross-stitch on Yahoo groups) Loads of people are joining with you!

Barb said...

Oh so you are the one that originated this callenge! I do have a question If we see a piece we want to stitch for someone else say (Love Quilts, Cole's Quilts), a family friend or family member is it okay to buy it then? Every so often a family member will want me to something for a friend of theirs, and also sometimes I see something that is perfect for a child at Cole's Quilts, or Love Quilts. So far I have almost 2 pieces done and a 3rd one will be done this weekend and a lot of UFO's to do but I am gun ho, just wishing I would have said 25 but even posted on my site about the 50 so have to do the 50.

HasturTorres said...

Barb- that counts as gift stitching. Patterns for gift stitching are perfectly acceptable to purchase.

Sandy said...

Cherylann, I just wanted to give you a big thank you hug!!!! I am a notorious Serial Starter and sometime finisher and all round packrat!! With financial constraints (oooohhhhh I hate budgets!!!), my stitching started to suffer because I felt deprived. You know what.....I have been enjoying my stash, renewed my excitement for my stitching and now have a 6-year plan that even my DH can't fault!!!
My 2 girls are getting in on the act too by finding ornaments to stitch for the family for gifts (always wanted to but never got around to it, of course) and they're having a blast going through pattern books, freebies I've printed off and magazine stash! Even my UFO's are getting some special attention again.

Because it's a long-term deal, I don't feel overwhelmed. It has all become manageable again. I'm amazed at all the people getting involved and so glad you posted your were the catalyst alot of us needed!!!

Big (thank you) Hugs,

HasturTorres said...

Thank you Sandy. Your kind words are appreciated and you are making me blush. :)