Friday, September 08, 2006

Hastur's Bane

I definetly love the X- cross stitch that is. If I didn't I never would have attempted what I did tonight. I am in the process of finishing an ornament. My goodness, I am doing something crafty. Earlier I made my pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby and purchased three types of glue....spray adhesive, tacky glue, and a glue gun. Then I bought fabric for the first time. I also raced around the store looking for the appropriate filling only to discover it in the fabric section- imagine that.
About an hour or so I sat down at the table with my stitched piece- a small blackwork design- and assorted goods from HL. I survived the encounter. I did not cut myself...I did not glue my fingers together...and I only burnt myself once with the glue gun. I did purchase a low heat glue gun though for just that reason. My project is currently drying and in a couple hours I shall know if I did right- meaning when I take off the binder clips it does not fall apart. Midway through this process my dear sweet husband comes out- well I was screaming at him get the glue sticks...get the glue sticks. He comments "you are so funny, honey". Well thanks honey for laughing at me during this stressfull project. The real Hastur slept by my feet the entire time. I am sure he was laughing at me in his dreams. I unveil the picture of the completed ornament tomorrow. Above is a picture of my former kitchen table- now it is a disaster area.

Below is the real Hastur with his best monkey friend. Everyone say Ahhhhh!!!


Reeb said...

Awww....what a purty puppy!

What an aventure! I can't wait to see the finished project!

Reba (ReBrad55)

jymisgurl said...

I'm sure it will turn out great!

Meari said...

I must say... You ARE funny! Hopefully your table is cleaned up by now. :)