Monday, September 11, 2006

Over One Adventures

This past week has been spent learning new stitching skills... aka... I was having strong masochistic tendencies. I decided I needed practice with over-one stitching. Of course I decide this in the middle of the night when I can't sleep though I am totally exhausted. After several minutes of stitching I get cocky. This over-one stuff is easy if you squint a little bit. Several more minutes pass and I realize that I have misplaced 9 stitches and have to frog. Ahhhh...I have now discovered the true annoyance of stitching over-one. I won't go into the gory details but it was truly awful. I finished Britty Kitty Christmas and started on Portrait of a Dog. For some reason I decide that stitching on it while slightly doped up on painkillers is a good idea...luckily it was. I finished the project and it looks fine.

The other masochistic thing I did this week was put myself on the wagon. Brillant idea... I of course can't do anything small. For some reason I decided that 50 was a good number. So now I have committed myself to stitching 50 projects before I can buy any more patterns. No time limit just finish 50 projects. Now the only way I can get new patterns is by gifts or trades. My dear precious birthday is on Thursday can I please have the new JCS ornie edition...PLEASE. I forgot to list it as one of my exceptions. My exceptions are new releases from Dragon Dreams (I am a DD whore and I need my fix), Chatelaine's sampler mystery, and Chatelaine's Japanese Octagonal Box. I can of course buy all the fibers and fabric I want....I am crazy but not completely insane. I do focus on starting projects that I already have the fabric for...which aren't too many given I don't usually kit up until I start a project. Does any one else care to join me on this demented quest to finish 50 projects before buying any more patternie goodness. Please someone join me in the madness. Little projects count, freebies count, gifts count...come on I double dare you.

50 Project countdown- 48/50


tkdchick said...

You did a fantastic job! LOL I love it... a DD Whore!

Jenn said...

Sounds like a great idea! I might have to take you up on this challenge!

Sandy said...

This Britty Kitty looks really good!!! A stitching friend did one for me on white fabric and I think I like yours better on the fabric you chose. (I'd never tell her, it was so sweet of her to do it for me and it is really a cute design.)