Monday, September 18, 2006

Hastur's Insanity

I formally posted the rules for the 10, 25 or 50 project challenge. I am posting them below as a backup. Come join us in this insanity.

Due to the interest in the challenge I have decided to post a list of rules for it. There have also been requests for a smaller challenges (thanks xstitchqueen for drawing this to my attention). For those of you who would like to join the challenge but can't commit to the 50 project...there will be a 10 project and a 25 project challenge. If you would like to join us in one of these challenges please post your intent, exemptions and modifications. Also, some people have already created blogs as way tracking their progress. Bloggers if you would like to share your journey with us please post your addresses.

Purpose of the challenge: to [b]reduce[/b] the amount of patterns you have not stitched. This challenge can also be applied to other areas of you stash if you wish (please post your personal modification).

The Rules:

1. Have fun reducing your stash.

2. There is no time limit- people have different size projects they would like to work on.

3. Thou shall not purchase any new patterns until 10, 25, or 50 projects have been stitched. Pattern size does not matter.

4. This challenge can also apply to knitting, beading, sewing and crocheting patterns.

5. You can make some exemptions - I am not placing limitations on this due to commitments that people might already have. Remember, though, the goal of this challenge is to reduce stash so too many exemptions will sabotage these efforts. I have declared three exemptions.

6. Gifts, gift cards, trades, RAKs and patterns bought with gift money are not a violation of this challenge.

7. Freebies count as part of your total and you can aquire them at any point.

8. The offical start date of this challenge was Sept 1, 2006 since I have been posting about it for awhile and want to make sure the everyone's projects have been included.

I have posted all the rules that I can think of. Please let me know if there is a major oversight.


Jenn said...

Thanks for posting the rules for the challenge. I'm already making plans on what will be my 50 pices.

I'm not making a new blog to track my progress just going to post about it in my regular blog. I have been thinking of doing something with the photos. Like maybe a special photo album for them.

jymisgurl said...

I've started a seperate blog.
I'm doing ten. I can't commit to more. Especially since by the time I finish my ten, it will be time for Nashville!

Sandy said...

I posted the rules in my blog too but only so I don't cheat. LOL

Its wonderful to see how this has grown and now with the 10's and 25's, it's certainly spurring people on.

Erin said...

I'm in for at least 10, and see what happens when I reach that new blog, but I'll use my existing blog to keep me honest!

Persian Pen Name said...

I'm in for ten! My exceptions will be socks (which will count as two FOs) and anything larger than three square feet (which will also count as two). The last one'll basically only count for sweaters and shawls, most likely, since hats are crazy small. What are your thoughts on patterns from library books?

Mia said...

Thank you for doing this. I have been looking for a way to get things finished but can't because I keep buying every time I see something I want...need!! :) Right now I am at 10 but I know it will go to 25.

Meari said...

I'm in for at least 10! I'm going to post the rules and updates in my regular blog.

HasturTorres said...

Library books are not purchases and thus are not in violation of the rules.

Azzie said...

Great idea!! I have signed up for 10. Keeping progress in my stitchy blog.

Kendra said...

Count me in for 10 as well. I've posted my list of 10 projects and my exemptions on my blog.

Emerald said...

I would like to join the challenge!
I have a ton of projects that really need to get finished. So here we go. I will do the 10 first. Lets see how we do on that one.

I am starting my own blog to keep up with my progress. It is Emerald67's blogspot.

Drop in and see me.

HasturTorres said...

Emerald- I can not seem to find your blog.

vee said...

Hastur, I read about your challenge on the Featherstitching blog and have taken up the challenge. As of Oct 8/06, I have 5 finishes of some small projects that have been floating around my craft room. What a fantastic idea!

Myrna said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm thinking I'll join and get some finishes! And Hubby will be happy that I stitch what I have in my stash!

CieAngel said...

This is cool. I think I will join in will post my progress on my 360 blog. not sure how many I'm doing yet.

Jen said...

Okay, I'm game for the 10 challenge. I will post my progress on my blog.

Liz said...

I've started a 50 project challenge - I'm very excited! Updates in my blog

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

I'm in for 25.

My modification of the rules is - to not kit up or start new projects or buy any new materials (except to finish existing kitted or started projects). Purchases of new patterns will be limited to one per month.

This applies to my knitting and stitching. Scrapbooking is exempt, since I have an obgligation to a 'monthly' club with that craft that has just started.